Fetal Monitor Hospital Used

Fetal Monitor Hospital Used

Key points: The 10.4 inches high-tech fetal monitor offers a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in doctors’ practices, clinics and hospitals, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies.

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Product Details

Production detail of patient monitor YJ-FM2.5:


· 10.4 inch Folded high-brightness TFT LED

· Optional touch screen



· 12-Crystal ultrasound transducer achieves a wider focal region for more uniform coverage at greater depths than conventional 9-crystal. 12-crystal ultrasound design can also get good result even when the patient varies her position and shape


· Optional waterproof FHR transducer for underwater birth

· Event Marker for easy documentation of events and kick counts. Auto-fetal-movement detector is also available.

· Use of signal strength indicator to position the ultrasound transducers at the optimum location on the patient



· Built-in high-speed thermal printer, printing width can be set to 112mm (Brand: SEIKO, Japan)


· Support fast printing of stored trend


Central System

· Optional Build-in wireless network module, supporting wired or wireless connection to the central monitoring station.

· Optional Support HL7 (Health Level Seven)



· Three-level acousto-optic alarm

· FHR signal strength prompt

· Cross-Channel Verification (CCV) provides visual and audible indication when it detects synchronous fetal or maternal heart rate signals, indicating that you may be monitoring a duplicate signal)


· Sensor-off alarm

· Paper out alarm

· Support alarm review


Linux OS

· Support operation with mouse and computer keyboard (option)

· Multi-display mode to meet different clinical requirement, including Fetal-parameter interface, Maternal-parameter interface, Fetal/Maternal-parameter interface, as well as big font, alarm review, ECG review, trend table, trend graph and OxyCRG display.


· NIBP self-test mode: including overpressure test, static pressure test and air leakage test.

· On-screen scrolling for viewing stored fetal traces


· Generate ID automatically when register a new patient

· Support medical history search by patient ID, name and mobile number

· NST Timer

· Fetal Movement Profile (FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements

· Heart rate offset mode allowing you to offset FHR2 ± 5~30BPM.


· Support multi-language display

· Advanced Fischer NST Report (Fetal Health Report)

· Support online software upgrading by net/USB



Transducer socket

· US1 (FHR1)

· US2 (FHR 2)


· FM (Manual Fetal movement)

· SPO2 (Maternal SpO2)

· NIBP (Maternal NIBP)


LAN / Central monitor system interface

· The LAN port is for connecting the monitor to a central monitor system network.


Input device interface

· This optional interface provides an USB ports to enable the monitor to be connected to off-the-shelf input devices as well as support patient data & NST Report backup (option):

· Mouse: any specified trackball or USB mouse may be used for navigation and data entry.

· Computer keyboard: an USB computer keyboard can be used for data entry instead of the on-screen pop-up keyboard.

[Remark: user has to restart the machine after plug and unplug the mouse / computer keyboard.]


· Touch screen (optional)

[Remark: Touch screen cannot be used simultaneously with mouse / computer keyboard.]


Service Features

· The Support Tool helps technical personnel to

–  carry out configuration, upgrades and troubleshooting on an individual monitor.

– back up the monitor settings.


The Service Mode is password-protected and ensures that only trained staff can access service

• Optional patient data &NST Report backup by USB in PDF format

tests and tasks. It includes Printer Setting, Skin Type, AFM Setting, Brightness Setting, Clear Data, NIBP Calibration, and Touch Screen Calibration.

• The Support Tool uses the USB interface of the fetal monitor for software upgrading.

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