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CCU Equipment Medical Trolley Ventilator We supply ICU Equipment(Including Anesthesia Machine with patient mpnitor,ventilator,ECG...),we devoted ourselves to send you clients high quality Medical Equipment with long terms warranty. We are expecting to become your long-terms business partner in...

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CCU Equipment Medical Trolley Ventilator


We supply ICU Equipment(Including Anesthesia Machine with patient mpnitor,ventilator,ECG...),we devoted ourselves to send you clients high quality Medical Equipment with long terms warranty. 

We are expecting to become your long-terms business partner in China.

CE certificated Mobile mechanical ICU ventilator 

Key words: Used in ICU, emergency department, operating room and family ward.

Production introduction of the medical ventilator YJ-PV650: 

1.Multifunctional, microcomputer controlled, constant volume, pressure triggered. 

2.Can effectively avoid human-computer confrontation with advanced synchronizing function. Be useful for both invasive and noninvasive. 

3.Large LCD screen, detection function of pressure waveform and flow waveform. 

4.Power-on self- test (the tightness of tubes, battery remaining capacity, etc.) 

5.Safety lock function, preventing mis-operation. 

6.The main components are imported high-end devices, integrated gas circuit structure, long-term stable and reliable operation.

Production parameter (specification) medical ventilator YJ-PV650:





Tidal Volume


Respiratory Rate





OFF, -19~19kpa

Inspiratory Time






Max Minute Volume



0~10 per 100 breaths

Over Pressure Relief


Package Dimension



35kg (Including all the accessories)

Product feature and application of medical ventilator YJ-PV650: 

Description: YJ-PV650 is used in ICU Rooms, Emergency Department, Operating Rooms and home. It can be used for child and adult patients. Features: multiple functions, can adapt to a variety of occasions. The main parts adopt good-quality components. Accuracy and reliable. With special self-test function. Rechargeable build-in battery can be used for 8 hours. 5.7' LCD display, JogDial operation, simple and intuitive. Modes: CMV. A/C. SIMV. MANUAL.

Product detail of medical ventilator YJ-PV650: 

Technical parameters:

Ventilation mode: CMV, A/C, SIMV, Sigh, Manual, etc.

Tidal Volume: at least 50-2000ml

Inspiratory Time: 0.3 ~ 6s

Respiratory Rate: 1-100bpm, 1-40bpm for SIMV

Oxygen Concentration: 40 ~ 100%, continuously adjustable, accurate digital display

Synchronous trigger sensitivity: -19 ~ 19hpa

Sigh: 1 per 100 times, or adjust according to the needs

PEEP: 0 ~ 20hpa, continuously adjustable, precise electronic control regulation

Build-in rechargeable Li-battery working time: more than 8 hours

Monitoring and Alarm Function:

Multiple parameters monitoring and display functions.

Multiple alarm and prompt functions.

Multiple security protection functions.

Service Conditions:

Power Supply: AC, Build-in Li-battery.

Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.

Basic configuration: 

Mainframe of ventilator, trolley, support arm, humidifier, silicone breathing circuits (reusable, which can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure), etc.

Product certification of medical ventilator YJ-PV650: 


Delivery, Shipping, and Serving of medical ventilator YJ-PV650: 

Shipment: We are shipping products after receive payment 7 work days 

Delivery time: 7 work days 

Package: Standard package 

After sale services: We provide one year’s warranty. We guarantee help customers to settle all of quality problem with free during warranty.

Latest news: 

Henan Forever Co., LTD have 20 years trading experience in the Chinese medical equipment marketing. Now company decides to open up global market. The company bring latest medical equipment products to the world and try to meet various demand in the global medical marketing.


What about the price level? 

Our prices are competitive compared with those at the same quality level, and we keep striving to provide the best pricing to our customers. 

How to buy your products ?Do you have distributor in our country? 

You can buy the products from our company directly.Normally the procedure is:Sign the contact,

payment  byT/T, contact the shipping company to delivery the goods to your country. 

What is the warranty? 

The free warranty is one year from the day of Commissioning qualified.

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