Double Pump Hemodialysis Dialysis Machine

Double Pump Hemodialysis Machine Hemodialysis refers to the elimination of some wastes in the blood through semipermeable membranes. Hemodialysis is a safe, easy and widely applied method of blood purification. Dialysis refers to the solute through the membrane from high concentration solution...

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Double Pump Hemodialysis Machine

Hemodialysis refers to the elimination of some wastes in the blood through semipermeable membranes. Hemodialysis is a safe, easy and widely applied method of blood purification. Dialysis refers to the solute through the membrane from high concentration solution to the motion direction of low concentration. Hemodialysis includes the movement of the solute and the movement of water, that is, in the dialyzer (artificial kidney), the blood and dialysate are exchanged in the dialyzer (artificial kidney) by the semi permeable contact and the concentration gradient, so that the metabolic waste and excess electrolyte in the blood are moved to the dialysate, and the calcium ion and base in the dialysate are moved to the blood. If the mixture of albumin and urea is placed in the dialyzer and soaked outside the tube, the urea in the dialyzer tube moves through the artificial renal membrane hole to the water outside the tube, and the albumin molecule is large and can not pass through the membrane hole. This kind of small molecules and macromolecules can pass through the material can not be mobile phenomenon known as diffusion membrane. The basic principle of hemodialysis is to separate and purify blood and purify it by diffusion.

Clinical Application

> Hemodialysis (HD)

> Pure Ultrafiltration (ISO UF)

> Hemoperfusion (HP)

> Hemofiltration (HF)

> Plasma Exchange (PE)

Main technical parameter

Volume (length× width ×height):370mm×340mm ×1570mm

Weight: about 90kg 

Power supply voltage: AC220V±10% 

Frequency: 50HZ ~ 60 HZ

Power: 1500W 

Blood pump/spare pump

Flux: 15 ~ 340ml/min (D 6mm)

20 ~ 460 ml/min (D 8mm)

Heparin pump:

Flux: 0.1ml/h~10ml/h(±5%) 

Precise: 0.1ml/h

Injector size: 20ml/30ml/50ml 10ml/20ml/30ml (selectable)

Specifications of Hemodialysis Machine YJ-2028M/A

General Data

·Dimensions: 370x340x1420mm (LxWxH)

·Weight: 90 Kg

·Water inlet pressure: 0~0.6MPa

·Water inlet temperature: 5~30°C

·Ambient temperature: 10~30°C

·Relative Humidity 70%

Extracorporeal Circuit

·Arterial pressure monitoring:

Display range: -300~+300mmHg (±10mmHg)

·Venous pressure monitoring:

Display range: -50~+300mmHg (±10mmHg)

·TMP range: -100~+600mmHg (±20mmHg)

·Blood pump/ Spare pump:

Flow range: 15~340mL/min (φ 6mm) 20~620mL/min (φ 8mm)

Blood level detector: ultrasonic sensor.

·Air bubble detector: infrared sensor.

Threshold of reaction: single air bubble of 200 µl exists when blood flux is 200mL/min

Heparin pump:

Delivery range: 0.1~10mL/hr (±5%) Accuracy: 0.1mL/hr Injector size: 10/20/30mL, 20/30/50mL (optional)

Electrical Data

·Power: 1500W ·Frequency: 50/60Hz

·Voltage: AC220V±10% (110V optional)

Dialysis Fluid Circuit

·Dialysate flow range: linearity adjustable 300~800mL/min

·Dialysate temperature range: Selectable 35~39°C

·Dialysate conductivity range: 13~15.5mS/cm (±0.1mS/cm)

·UF flow range: 0~4000mL/hr (±30mL/hr)

·ISO UF flow range: 0~2000mL/hr (±30mL/hr)

·Blood leak detector:

Automatically close the blood loop when blood leak ≥1mL per liter dialysate (Flow: 500mL/min)

Disinfection and Cleaning

·Disinfection: Use citric acid, peracetic acid and sodium hypochlorite.

·Hot rinse temperature: 90°C

Product Features of Hemodialysis Machine YJ-2028M/A

LCD touch screen with high definition(10.4")

Automation: Self-test, rinse, disinfection, hot disinfection, ISO UF, shutdown, etc. Automatically start treatment once blood flow sensed.

Bicarbonate dry powder cartridge.

Use with dialysis fluid of various formulas (acetate & bicarbonate).  
Kt/V function.

Double pumps: blood pump and spare pump providing more treatment options; Compatible with blood lines of different diameters.

Single & Double needle dialysis.

Using magnetic valves made in Switzerland.

In-built battery backup for max. 30 minutes.

Dialyzate flux linearity adjustable (300~800mL/min).

Support bedside treatment.

HCO3 adjustment for serious acid toxicosis patient.

Hemofiltration therapy of the CRRT Kidney Dialysis equipment: 

1. High blood volume of acute,chronic kidney failure,serious heart failure 

2. Stubborn high renin hypertension.Not only reduce the blood volume but also liminate the compression materials,with a good effect on blood pressure control. 

3. Old-aged patients,unstable heart function and bad liver function. 

4. Hypotension and excessive water and sodium stored. 

5. Patients with nerve system and pericardium pathological changes, bone illness due to the storage of macromolecule. 

Hemodiafiltration therapiy: 

1. Synthesized the merit of hemodialysis and hemofiltraion,which effectively removing the middle and small molecular 

2. Material.It is suitable for patients with creatinin,high urea nitrogen and accompany with the symptoms requiring. 

3. Hemofiltation therapy,which make dialysis patients get good blood purification effect in a short time. 

CRRT therapy of the Dialysis System: 

1. Excessive bodyfluid load and invalid diuretic ARF,acute pulmonary edema, hydrocephalus Cardiovascular system unstable,hypotension, heart surgery old ARF patients and can not bear HD and PD. 

2. The ARF patient who should recruit entire vein nutrition in high catabolism. 

3. ARF merges the multi-internal organs function failure 

4. Acute breath poverty-stichen syndrome 

5. Acute necrotic pancreatitis 

6. Extrusion syndrome 

7. liver brain illness 

8. Multi-organ barrier syndrome 

9. Whole body inflammation syndrome 

10. Acute tumor dissolution syndrome 


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