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The core of the ultrasonic probe is piezoelectric crystal or composite piezoelectric material.

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Ultrasound and Ultrasound Probe:

The core of the ultrasonic probe is piezoelectric crystal or composite piezoelectric material.

The device that does this is the ultrasonic transducer:

When on the chip with a mechanical vibration, the chip will generate electricity heavy mechanical energy into electrical energy, this effect is called positive voltage effect, when the chip is an alternating electrical signals, then this material will produce the same frequency with the alternating signal of mechanical vibrations to electrical energy into mechanical energy, this effect is called the inverse piezoelectric effect:

Ultrasonic wave is the inverse piezoelectric effect, or piezoelectric effect

Type of ultrasonic probe and clinical department

Linear array probe and convex array probe are mainly used in abdomen, maternity and peripheral vessels

Fan scanning probe

Annular sector probe

Mainly used for. The heart

Mainly used in abdomen

The probe is an important part of the ultrasonic probe. When used, the probe should avoid hitting the roe, pulling the lead, scrubbing the residual coupling agent of the probe with a non-corrosive cleaner, and freezing the image when the instrument is not in use.

There is a 4 D ultrasound to recommend to you:


                                ---3/4D Color Ultrasound System



12 inch LED monitor


Backlit operation panel8TGC


Floating keyboard


2 active probe connectors


2probe holders


Multilingual interface

(Chinese / English / Spanish / Russian / French / Persian)



convex probe,linear probe,micro convex probe,transvaginaprobe,phased array probe,4D volume probe



Abdomen, ObstetricsGynecology, PediatricsSmall parts, Artery, Superficial organ, Orthopedics, Cardiology, MusculoskeletalVascular, etc

I am glad to receive your inquiry with the detailed probes need.

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