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Ultrasonic probe: generally speaking, ultrasonic transducer, is only an acoustic conversion element, without circuit devices.

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Funstions of the Ultrasound Probe / Transducer

A medical ultrasonic probe is a device for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves during ultrasonic testing. The performance of the probe directly affects the ultrasonic characteristics and affects the detection performance of the ultrasonic. The probe used in ultrasonic testing is a transducer which uses piezoelectric effect of material to realize the conversion of electric energy and sound energy. The key component of the probe is the wafer, which is a single crystal or polycrystalline sheet with piezoelectric effect. Its function is to convert electrical and acoustic energy into each other.

There are many kinds of medical ultrasonic probes. In terms of their working methods, there are electronic scanning and mechanical scanning. The former includes linear array, convex array and electronic phased array. The latter has a mechanical fan type (mechanical sector probe). In mechanical fan probe, oscillator and rotating scanning have been replaced by rotating probe because of their high noise, easy wear and poor image quality. Rotary fan has the advantages of low noise, no vibration, small surface contact area and good image quality. The electronic phased array sector probe has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high resolution, and can display two or more channels of M type at the same time. The near field of view of the electronic linear array is large, and it is easy to observe the relationship between the organs, but the probe is inconvenient to operate, and needs a large "sound window" which is not suitable for intercostal detection. The fan scan with convex array has larger near field of vision, bigger far field of vision, smaller contact surface between probe and body surface than linear array, easy to operate, and is suitable for intercostal and pelvic scanning. It is most commonly used in abdominal viscera examination.

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In medical circles, 4D image refers to the concept of adding time to the three-dimensional image, i.e. dynamic stereoscopic image.

When 4D image enhancement was applied to stereoscopic scanning, 4D fetal ultrasound showed excellent diagnostic ability for subtle fetal brain defects and other fetal malformations. In particular, according to Professor Anders Selbing's research, 4D images can be used to better observe the structure of the fetal brain behind the skull near field.

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