4D Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnosis System

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why we choose 4D Ultrasound Diagnosis System?

In medical circles, 4D image refers to the concept of adding time to the three-dimensional image, i.e. dynamic stereoscopic image.

Physicians need ultrasound to provide more accurate information, and 4D ultrasound can play an important role, because 2D examination may not be able to obtain more complete anatomical data, and 4D ultrasound image reduces this risk. 4D technology can provide complete anatomical data for various clinical applications with only one scan. As clinical evidence gradually proves that the quality of 4D technology is reliable, clinicians will be more likely to adopt it.

Generally speaking, radiological stakeholders tend to be conservative and require extensive research before new clinical practices are widely accepted. For many years, 4D technology has been in clinical trials, and has recently begun to obtain clinical evidence that stereoscopic scans do not omit any information, ensuring the collection and processing of all data, and ultimately achieving faster and more accurate diagnosis.

For example, when 4D image enhancement is applied to stereoscopy, 4D fetal ultrasound shows excellent diagnostic ability for subtle fetal brain defects and other fetal malformations. In particular, according to Professor Anders Selbing's research, 4D images can be used to better observe the structure of the fetal brain behind the skull near field.

In addition, Professor Boris Tutschek presented the advantages and preconditions of applying stereoscopic ultrasound to fetal brain research at the International Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) annual meeting. Professor Tutschek concluded that "4D technology allows for ideal settings for examinations, studies of the relationship between each point in the brain in two or three (orthogonal) planes," and "can achieve tomography (comparable to MR and CT)." In addition, by analyzing the characteristics of adjacent voxels, 4D image enhancement is achieved on the basis of 3D acquisition.

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