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Our Monitor And ECG Products
- Jan 25, 2019 -

                                    Our ECG machine and patient monitor get welcoome 

                                          from the consumers in Mexico and Spain

The patient monitor and ECG machine be wild used medical cilnic long times. As for meet the demands of our consumers we push a new series patient monitor and ECG machine.

Our patient monitor:

We have patient monitor with 6 parameter and 3 parameter.

Can be equipped with touch screen and workstation

small size patient monitor can be used in emergency medical

ICU patient monitor can be used in anesthesia machine and gerenal patient room

Our ECG machine:

Our ECG machine is avaible for the adult, children and teenager

Our ECG machine suppor more than 13 languages

Our ECG machine having touch screen and Minnesota code

Our ECG machine can help doctor to Online diagnosis

Our Consumers like our products:


I hope you can like our products too......